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MySQL Index Improvement

Written by Paul in coding on Tue 19 June 2018. Tags: coding,

I’m very pleased with myself today. I actually bothered to track down what was slowing down my website.

I’d first like to say I prefer the word indices to indexes. Also it’s My-S-Q-L not My-Sequel. Actually it’s MariaDB, but that’s not the point.

There were …

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Fantasy Consoles

Written by Paul in coding on Mon 28 May 2018. Tags: coding,

A while back I discovered the concept of a fantasy console.

It’s like an imaginary computer that runs on a computer. They generally have artificial limits to encourage creative progamming.

The tic-80, for example, gives you:

  • 240x136 pixels, 16 colours display
  • 64kb for progam code
  • limited ability for sound …

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