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Find My Phone

Written by Paul in blog on Tue 25 October 2022. Tags: blog,

I recently found a handy Alexa skill. "Alexa find my phone" and it rings it - very handy. But setting it up was annoying. I had misplaced my phone, I had to tell it my phone number. But then it needed to send a verification text message to my phone - but …

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Tab For A Cause

Written by Paul in blog on Wed 19 October 2022. Tags: blog, recommended,

Tab for A Cause

Tab for a cause is a browser addon/extension that helps you give to charity without costing you anything. It simply displays a search box and a couple of adverts everytime you open a new tab. They have also made another way of making a difference …

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FLoC - Next Generation Internet User Tracking

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 22 April 2021. Tags: blog,

What is FLoC? Google is looking to change the current advertising standard of using 3rd party cookies to keep track of you and are proposing the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). 0.5% of random Chome browser users are currently trialling this, without knowing. Their browser's have been randomly set …

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