24 Apr



You Might Get Hit By A Bus Tomorrow

This argument for doing or not doing something bad/risky really annoys me. I might as well eat lots of chocolate and sugary foods, get fat, get diabetes, because I might get hit by a bus tomorrow.

This is such an oversimplification of events. Apparently there is no point making any effort with anything because life might happen and you might die. You might as well smoke 60-a-day, drink booze until you rot your liver and inject drugs into you eyeballs.

This is how I see it: Nothing in life is guaranteed, many things are random and, often, unfair. You might be a life-long non-smoker and still get lung cancer; but you will increase your chances the more you do smoke. You can dash across the busy roads without paying attention to traffic and make it every time; but you increase your chances of getting hit everytime you do it.

All you can do is manage risks. If you do it well, you have a better chance of a longer, healthier life. If you do it badly you have more chance of dying young, or getting injured or an illness.

So, you don't have to life without fun or treats, but maybe treats should be treats.